My hope and change , Brown and Coakley

Scott Browns win in Massachusetts is certainly interesting. Was it a referendum on Obamacare? I don’t know. Watching Martha Coakley, it’s possible she was simply a very bad candidate. She seemed to have a tin ear to the electorate or more correctly didn’t seem to care what the electorate thought. I do hope this was a referendum and that it catches on across this nation.

I haven’t really been watching all this as closely as I’d like. Retirement issues have been more pressing for me. Catching the news in spurts it has been encouraging. Now if we could just replace oh ….. ninety percent of both the House and Senate…….


2 thoughts on “My hope and change , Brown and Coakley

  1. What is truly interesting is the administrations response. The pres. saying no health care vote until Brown is seated. I think the administration realizes that health care will kill both his presidency and the dem party. This is the easy way out for them to move on to a new issue, ie. jobs….

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