Haiti and the response

The disaster in Haiti is tragic. The earthquake is not a punishment from God for a pack with Satan as the Reverend Pat Robertson claimed or the results of a failed climate change conference that Danny Glover believes. It’s a natural disaster. One can only feel for those that have lost lives to this event. It is made worse by poor building construction and a society that has been broken for ages.

This does not mean help should not come to this devastated land. But as the criticism comes forward on how others should have been there faster with more it’s important to remember who is first and foremost responsible for that response. That is the Haitians.

Now having said that how has the response been? In hours US ships were underway towards Haiti, Planes loaded with supplies landed hours after the earthquake. In fact supplies and rescue teams from multiple countries were on the ground in short order. In a country with crumbling infrastructure and logistical problems of moving supplies and equipment to all affected areas is a huge struggle. Add to the natural obstacles the threats of violence responsible people must be cautious. This is and will be slow. For those in danger or have missing loved ones it will never be fast enough.

The first few hours are critical to survival for those trapped under rubble. Those hours are nearly up.

Haiti is a neighbor to the US and as such we will respond. We have already seen once again Americans and many others respond. Millions of dollars have been pledge and more is coming in. We can only hope that the money is spent wisely.


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