Short post for this week

Mark Mcgwire has admitted to using steroids.  This should not be a surprise to anyone and in fact isn’t.  It’s a shame in that Mark would have been a good player regardless.  In a world where using steriods can be the difference of millions of dollars it’s just a testiment to what sports have become.  These days amature sports are the only true sports and they are on the verge of going down the same road. 

I personally think the home run record should be reset.  Major leauge baseball should not reward cheating and thats what this was.


2 thoughts on “Short post for this week

  1. I agree that the record should go back to Maris and I’m afraid I would not let those boy’s into the Hall of Fame. If they do let them in then Pete Rose should be the first.


  2. I agree if they get in Pete should be in. Hell he just bet on the games. Never heard he cheated to win or lose and Pete was a hell of a player.

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