Government as usual

So there is a bit of an uproar over Sen. Ben Nelson getting the most out of the healthcare negotiations. What I find funny are those that actually thought he may be holding to some principle. Come on folks, there was never any real doubt about getting the 60 votes.

Look, the payoff is how it’s been working for ages. What do you think an earmark is? Both sides are doing it.

The fact is I have to respect the Democrats on this. They are taking their opportunity to ram a bill down our throats, something the republicans don’t have the balls to do even when they could have tried. Nope it was easier to just do as little as possible to keep their personal gravy train going.

How will I react? Well I will only vote for those that support limited government period. I don’t care what party. This country needs their asses handed to them for the last vote anyway. Now we pay the price for voting for history instead of the future.


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