Colorado Airborne OP

What the last think you think of when jumping of out an airplane. Well for me it’s usually something like WTF am I doing this for.

I jumped a nice little C-130 yesterday. Somehow the weather cooperated and it was relatively nice. Sunny and cool but not freezing cold like it’s been recently. Of course I was still sniveled up with fleece and outerwear.

My exit was good with no twist or tangles. One of my co-jumper wasn’t so lucky. He twisted his risers up to the damn canopy. He was bicycling his ass off trying to untwist on his way down. I landed about 75 meters from the turn in point. Someone asked how I got so close. Yeah see when you’re old you fear walking too far more than running with the wind a little. 😉

It was a good landing though and one can’t complain about that.



4 thoughts on “Colorado Airborne OP

  1. ah is that you? OMG what a life you live and you love those challenges. How dull will life become after retirement?

  2. Nah that’s not me but it is what any of us look like coming down. The excitement will be figuring out how I’ll pay the bills then..

  3. You should see the bruises on my tailbone. Actually I’d rather you not be anywhere near my tailbone! Still don’t know how I did that. I didn’t think I was even facing in that direction! Oh well, I walked away….

  4. At Airborne school, the SEALs I trained with always aimed for any puddles on the LZ so they could clip out and make a water landing! It was funny as hell and really pissed off the black hats!

    Ahhh lookout, Sky Shark!

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