Student Hikers in Iran

Everyone that visits this site regularly knows I’m a heartless bastard so this next little post probably won’t surprise anyone. 

Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Josh Fattal decided, hey lets go hiking.  Where should we go they wondered, Yellowstone?  What about the Appalachian Trail?  Nah.  How about Iraq?  Yeah that’s a good place to “hike”. 

Look I know Kurdistan is a relatively safe place.  I’ve worked with the Kurds and they are generally very pro-American.  But what the hell where these “kids” thinking? 

So they cross over the border with Iran.  You know the Iran that has been shouting “Down with America” and “Kill the great Satan” for like twenty years, the Iran that has been in a nuclear battle of “dim wits” with the UN and US?  Yeah that Iran.  Did they not have a map, a GPS, a guide?  WTF people. 

Here’s my take, if they were just students then sorry they were stupid and we need to waste very little resources on their return.  Oh do the normal diplomatic stuff but give up nothing politically. 

If they are spies, well then we do everything possible as they were doing their duty.  But maybe we need to improve ye old spy school a bit. 

Either way it’s not good for them.


6 thoughts on “Student Hikers in Iran

  1. Thank god I am not the only one saying WTF?

    This clip from the AP story says it all…

    “The three graduates of the University of California at Berkeley had been trekking in Iraq’s northern Kurdistan region, their relatives say.

    Bauer and Shourd had been living in Damascus, Syria — he studying Arabic, she teaching English — and both had done freelance journalism or writing online. Friends have described them as passionate adventurers interested in the Middle East and human rights.

    Fattal, who spent three years with a group dedicated to sustainable farming near Cottage Grove, Oregon, had been overseas since January as a teaching assistant with the International Honors Program.

  2. Well if they survive this ordeal maybe they’ll walk away with a little “real world” knowledge and not the apparent drivel coming out of Berkley.

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