Son wanted me to post this

His skyscraper is what we are looking at.   Its six feet tall made from ROKENBOK.

I just do what I’m told….



7 thoughts on “Son wanted me to post this

  1. We all fall in that category of doing what we are told….Nice Building….
    Are those Raider’s Colors I see that he used?


  2. You know unfortunately he’s a Bronco fan. I really don’t understand it but hey. I think it’s the bad influence of these Colorado people

  3. I Feel your Pain….
    I am the only GreenBay Packer Fan in my Family….
    A bunch of 9ers and Raida’s…..


  4. Let’s see….The Raider’s Beat Pittsburg , Championship Team , Bengal’s another Tough Championship team , Eagles…So they have had a few Good Games against Good Opponents……..I have always said they need a QB and Russel was not it. Gradakowski isn’t bad and they have a lot better chance of winning with him. I think Russel is out for Good. I would like to see the Raiders Get Better…


  5. I have lots of hope for Gradakowski. Raiders have have some great defensive games but died out when the offense couldn’t put anything together. So here’s hoping.

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