Copenhagen and global warming

UPDATE: -11 this morning.  Gotta love it, or not.

As the Copenhagen cult event kicks off I’m sitting here preparing to venture out into the 5 degree weather  in Colorado Springs, CO.  A large storm is moving across the west bringing possible snow to places like Sacramento California and much of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.  This storm will continue on to the mid-west and bring more snow and cold.  But in Copenhagen I’m sure it’s warming up as any religious event tends to have lots of hot air around.  Climate Change nuts tend to have more then the rest of us. 

Even with the events of Climate-Gate the show must go on producing tons of “Carbon emission”.  

As the Telegraph points out, Copenhagen climate summit: 1,200 limos, 140 private planes and caviar wedges, Copenhagen is preparing for the climate change summit that will produce as much carbon dioxide as a town the size of Middlesbrough.

It doesn’t seem rational does it?  Because it’s not.

I’ll plan on posting some pics from around here throughout the day. Here is the first. 


Ok, I didn’t get more pics.  Plans changed.  Oh well.. It’s still cold and snowing.  Not a lot but enough.


4 thoughts on “Copenhagen and global warming

  1. Another 300 feet lower and the hills in Frisco will be Fun to Watch.
    May get some more tonight…..What Part of Colorado Joined Calif.?


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