President Obama on Afghan surge

Last night President Obama gave us his decision on Afghanistan and a troop surge.  It was what is becoming the standard Obama speech.  His tone was not of a morale boost and charge to victory but rather a lecture and how hard he works.  How hard his decisions are.  It’s continues to be about him.  On the actual content it wasn’t surprising and not very encouraging.

The President continues to talk with great fondness of Islam.  I don’t hate Islam myself but to call in one o the world’s great religions sounded so much like pandering that it was hard to listen to the rest of the speech.

The decision to send 30k troops is important although I don’t think it’s enough.  But to say in the same sentence that the transfer to Afghanistan will begin 18 months later is just piss poor.  Even if that’s your goal you don’t announce it to the Taliban.  If I were a Taliban commander and I was paying attention (as we know they do) I would be celebrating.  I have won.  I just need to hang on for another year and a half and the country is mine.  

This isn’t just a little bad form in speech making it’s a tactical nightmare.  You don’t telegraph you punches, you don’t give yourself away. 

Does anyone seriously think we can train enough Afghanis to take over in 18 months?  Can we fix the corruption in 18 months? 

I hope this all works out but if we continue to give our plans away we better be prepared for a lot worse in the future right here at home.

Look, I know the President has his base to work with and knows that complete failure in Afghanistan would not be good politically, but he tried too hard to please everyone with this and I doubt he pleased anyone. 

General McChrystal will have one hell of a job ahead of him with this minimum amount of troops and a time line this short. 

This morning I watched General Patraeus and give a stellar performance of diplomacy as he answered questions on the President’s Speech.   But didn’t I didn’t feel the love…..


9 thoughts on “President Obama on Afghan surge

  1. I watched the speech myself and agree with you once again JB. Now that is getting scary. Did you turn me into a Libertarian a while back?I doubt that saying we will pull out in 18 months to two years really matters to the Enemy because they do not have the patience to stop trying to Kill US. I too do not have anything against a Muslim but am getting tired of hearing and seeing in the media that Muslims are are angry or Muslim’s do not agree with our President. This same thing happened when we pulled out of Vietnam 40 years ago. I never saw Vietnamese on the streets back in the early seventies but in the 80’s California was full of them. They want their American rights just like everyone else , which is fine but they seem to do it in a different way. They band together and help one another. I’m sure Muslim’s do the same and their religion is not much different than others. Extremist can come from more than just Islam. Hell we have plenty of home grown ones here. I guess my point is that after every War we end up with a lot of that Countries people. I wonder if it is because they like the taste of Freedom.


  2. I guess Blood is thicker than Water…….It might be that Banner on this Blog….You look a little Like Dinozo on NCIS…With just a touch of Jimmy Palmer…….LOL….


  3. I am a big fan of Michael Weatherly…and JB looks cooler than Weatherly. Weatherly is a good actor, but I don’t think he can rock that look JB has in the banner. It might just be me.

    To be libertarian is to be natural. It’s like how you feel when you wake up in the morning. 🙂 LOL

  4. So cl. You don’t see a bit of Jimmy Palmer in his look. JB is a Smart Guy and Witty just like Weatherly…I agree , JB is somewhat More Handsome……


  5. I don’t know what the hell you two are talking about. But then I don’t watch much tv besides News and UFC these days.. well maby a little cartoon network also..

    Modesty prevents me from commenting on anything else. 😉

  6. Where’s your Dad when I need him……..I could show that Old Geezer how to shoot a Game of Pool…


  7. Well if you out his way I’m sure he’d play. You have his email don’t you? if not let me know. I’ll send. He stops by here now and then.

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