Old school raider fan post

Ex-NFL Player Considers Soldiers Family

“The Soldiers are my third family,” Sistrunk said. “The other two are my own family of five children, all grown up and gone, and the Raiders,” Sistrunk said. He played his entire NFL career with the Raiders, including a Super Bowl XI win against the Minnesota Vikings. “32 to 14,” Sistrunk said with a smile.

Television fans, nation-wide, saw Sistrunk’s steaming bald head from the sidelines on Monday Night Football, but now Soldiers and their families have the chance to get individual help from the pro with lifting free weights in body building and power lifting, nautilus equipment, team sports and basically raising the quality of life through physical fitness, eating right and staying fit.

Sistrunk talks about giving back to the Soldiers and their families, and one of the best ways, he said, is to get out to the schools where their children are and pass along the good word about staying in school and working hard at what you enjoy.

“It’s not part of my job,” Sistrunk said, “it’s part of my honor.”

The students at the North Fort Youth Center recently had a chance to meet their garrison’s stadium manager who was named to the 1974 Pro Bowl.

“Anybody here a Raider’s fan?” Sistrunk asked. Not many raised their hands.

“Anybody here watch the movie, Car Wash?” Nearly all the hands went up.

“Anybody here play football?” Many hands went up including one girl who says she plays both offense and defense.

“Having fun is one of the most important things in my life,” Sistrunk told the kids, “but the main thing you have to keep in mind is, stay in school. You should feel blessed to have the opportunity for both fun and school. Don’t get a hard head, thinking you don’t need it. It’s important to remember that doing the right thing is the best thing.”

Wow I watched Otis so many times.


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