Quick thoughts for the day.

Christmas bomber – someone should be fired, probably multiple people. I am however looking forward to the Pat downs..

Iran blames west for violence – oh how I wish that were true. Since we can barely speak of supporting those oppressed.

Government Ponzi schemes – how do I get in on one of these. Seems they are all the rage and nobody really gets in trouble when its government run…


Government as usual

So there is a bit of an uproar over Sen. Ben Nelson getting the most out of the healthcare negotiations. What I find funny are those that actually thought he may be holding to some principle. Come on folks, there was never any real doubt about getting the 60 votes.

Look, the payoff is how it’s been working for ages. What do you think an earmark is? Both sides are doing it.

The fact is I have to respect the Democrats on this. They are taking their opportunity to ram a bill down our throats, something the republicans don’t have the balls to do even when they could have tried. Nope it was easier to just do as little as possible to keep their personal gravy train going.

How will I react? Well I will only vote for those that support limited government period. I don’t care what party. This country needs their asses handed to them for the last vote anyway. Now we pay the price for voting for history instead of the future.

The beginning of the end

Today I attended my first retirement briefing. I now have a firm date, orders and leave paperwork in hand. While I still have many months away from completing my service it’s a strange feeling to see orders stating “you are released from active duty” “thank you for your service”.

Now I have to actually think about that next career since military retirement won’t actually pay my bills. But it will help. So over the next couple of months I’ll begin the process of moving on. I’ll have to review and update my resume and perhaps pursue that Masters degree I kept putting off.

But for tonight it’s a nice feeling to be close to the next phase of life.

I’ve been asked if I’ll miss it. I’m sure that I’ll forget all the bad and remember only the good and at times miss the adventure, but overall no, I hope to be too busy on the next career to reminisce too terribly much on the old.

Colorado Airborne OP

What the last think you think of when jumping of out an airplane. Well for me it’s usually something like WTF am I doing this for.

I jumped a nice little C-130 yesterday. Somehow the weather cooperated and it was relatively nice. Sunny and cool but not freezing cold like it’s been recently. Of course I was still sniveled up with fleece and outerwear.

My exit was good with no twist or tangles. One of my co-jumper wasn’t so lucky. He twisted his risers up to the damn canopy. He was bicycling his ass off trying to untwist on his way down. I landed about 75 meters from the turn in point. Someone asked how I got so close. Yeah see when you’re old you fear walking too far more than running with the wind a little. 😉

It was a good landing though and one can’t complain about that.


Freaking perfect…LMAO at these clowns

DC snowstorm chills Pelosi’s global warming trip

Posted: December 18th, 2009 09:44 AM ET


A winter storm is expected to wallop the D.C. area Saturday.

Copenhagen (CNN) – In a strange twist, a Washington snowstorm is forcing Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, to make an early departure from a global warming summit here in Denmark.

Pelosi told CNN that military officials leading her Congressional delegation have urged the 21 lawmakers to leave Copenhagen several hours earlier than scheduled on Saturday.

The Speaker said she has agreed to the new travel plan so that lawmakers can get back to Washington before much of the expected storm wallops the nation’s capital.

Snow in Copenhagen? What? Is it possible?

By Christian Wienberg

Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) — World leaders flying into Copenhagen today to discuss a solution to global warming will first face freezing weather as a blizzard dumped 10 centimeters (4 inches) of snow on the Danish capital overnight.

“Temperatures will stay low at least the next three days,” Henning Gisseloe, an official at Denmark’s Meteorological Institute, said today by telephone, forecasting more snow in coming days. “There’s a good chance of a white Christmas.”

Delegates from 193 countries have been in Copenhagen since Dec. 7 to discuss how to fund global greenhouse gas emission cuts. U.S. President Barack Obama will arrive before the summit is scheduled to end tomorrow.

Denmark has a maritime climate and milder winters than its Scandinavian neighbors. It hasn’t had a white Christmas for 14 years, under the DMI’s definition, and only had seven last century. Temperatures today fell as low as minus 4 Celsius (25 Fahrenheit).

LMAO,  Al Gore must be still there.   

Student Hikers in Iran

Everyone that visits this site regularly knows I’m a heartless bastard so this next little post probably won’t surprise anyone. 

Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Josh Fattal decided, hey lets go hiking.  Where should we go they wondered, Yellowstone?  What about the Appalachian Trail?  Nah.  How about Iraq?  Yeah that’s a good place to “hike”. 

Look I know Kurdistan is a relatively safe place.  I’ve worked with the Kurds and they are generally very pro-American.  But what the hell where these “kids” thinking? 

So they cross over the border with Iran.  You know the Iran that has been shouting “Down with America” and “Kill the great Satan” for like twenty years, the Iran that has been in a nuclear battle of “dim wits” with the UN and US?  Yeah that Iran.  Did they not have a map, a GPS, a guide?  WTF people. 

Here’s my take, if they were just students then sorry they were stupid and we need to waste very little resources on their return.  Oh do the normal diplomatic stuff but give up nothing politically. 

If they are spies, well then we do everything possible as they were doing their duty.  But maybe we need to improve ye old spy school a bit. 

Either way it’s not good for them.