Oil Tanker seized by pirates

A US bound oil tanker has been taken by pirates off the Somalia coast.  It seems these pirates didn’t learn their lesson.  Piracy has increased this year.  It’s become an international menace.  Currently there are over a dozen ships held by pirates off the Somali coast.  So will anyone do anything about these acts of war?  Doesn’t appear so.  While patrols have increased no based (yes they have some) have been hit. 

So who are these pirates?  Well it seems they are linked to Al-Qaida controlled areas of Somali, you remember the country we cut an ran from, the precursor to 911 when terrorist believed that the United States and western nations had no will to fight.  Folks what we do and how we react to terror has a direct effect on the future.

How we react to terror nation states is the same. Just saying…. 


2 thoughts on “Oil Tanker seized by pirates

  1. I agree JB. Why Not Go back into Somalia. This time use the Drones. I have been practicing on my PS3…I could Help from Home…;)….


  2. Frankly you could probably operate them will little train-up. That is a good thing.

    It’s an interesting thing to communicate through a keyboard while watching a drone’s images to a guy in Nevada flying over (name your area)

    Once I wrote a post on Pirates and Rum, seems most of those pirates where hunted down and hung. Well that is those that didn’t work for the British government. We’ll call them the good pirates..

    Now we probably don’t have enough rope to hang these somali guys but it’s another indication of a world full of chaos and nobody willing to step up. All those innocent civilians living with the bad guys keep getting int he way.

    No, now most just pay the ransom. Funding more piracy and terror. Strange world we live in these days..

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