Afghanistan isn’t really that complicated

The key to Afghanistan isn’t a complex strategy.  The government and the people must demand and want victory.  Without that single focus all military endeavors become managed messes where good people die for no particular outcome.    Where unit just outlast their deployments. 

Strategies will change and develop as realities on the ground change but leadership focus cannot change.    

If an administration cannot say the word victory then we are not going to win.


5 thoughts on “Afghanistan isn’t really that complicated

  1. Are we missing the biggest reason for being there?? Aren’t we really trying to deny a safe haven for terrorists and their training camps? Do we really care about the Afghans or their country other than this? I know that sounds mercenary but isn’t that the reality? If we have to stay there for fifty years with that goal in mind, I have no problem with that. That denial of training camps and safe havens should be first and foremost when discussing strategy. Not giving Ground Force Commanders the troops and tools to accomplish this goal is CRIMINAL! Whether the Afghans ever take over their country or not, the above stated goal has to be paramount and supported.

  2. I agree with Chuck. I don’t see how we will ever be able to say Victory because of all the War Lords. We will never get this country to cooperate as a Union. And why would they. This is a Primitive way of survival and our modern ways will not effect the way they have been living for the last 200 years or so. I say we get BL and call it a day. Let our Sats do the work from Home.


  3. I’m mixed I think we can do a lot there but I don’t think it’s like some thing. This is not a place your going to bring democracy to in a year or two. Not one that we recognize. We will have to work within a tibal system. That is how 5th Grp, took the northern alliance to Kabul in weeks. But I’m not opposed to saying adios and just playing wack a mole for a while either.

    I am opposed to leaving troops hanging with no plan though.

  4. Why do you think democracy can’t come to Afghanistan? Remember that almost all of Pakistan, and much of Northern India, Iran and the former USSR were part of Afghanistan until the Brits came. Parts of Afghanistan are now free plural democracies. Why can’t the remaining rump state of Afghanistan achieve what their fellow historic Afghans have achieved?

    I don’t see how the extremists can be defeated unless Pakistan and Afghanistan become successful prosperous plural free democracies. If India and Bangladesh can do it, why can’t they? Remember that India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh were one country as recently as 1700 (when Iran conquered Afghanistan.) The shared national language of all these countries was Iranian Persian Pharsi between 1192 and the late 1800s.

    It is far cheaper to pay for the ANSF than to send ISAF/OEF soldiers. So why not pay for the ANSF?

  5. Oh it can come over time. But you need security first. Time for people to see a reason for democracy. I’m not against what you say. Simply putting positions in place and having a vote doesn’t make a democracy. Lots more to do. Interestingly I was on the NTM-A-CSTC stie today and noticed a whole lot of progress since I was there last.

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