Those pesky jobs, where are they?

WASHINGTON — Seven months into the massive federal stimulus program, the vast majority of government grants, contracts and loans in Michigan so far have created or retained virtually no jobs, a Free Press analysis shows. 

The analysis also revealed that others who have been promised or have received stimulus money have overstated — in some cases greatly — the number of jobs created or protected.

Obama administration and state officials say it’s too early to draw conclusions about the overall impact of the $787-billion nationwide program to stimulate the economy and generate jobs. They promise that job growth will follow as more funding arrives.

You know if we wait long enough the jobs will return whether stimulus money is used or not.   Of course this might take a while when everything we do seems to be to destroy small businesses. 

It would be nice to see someone trying to bring back our industrial base.  You know,  jobs that actually create things.   Ahaaaa it’s going to be a long three more years. 

I think I understand the President and what a community organizer does.  Ever heard of Amway?   Just saying ……..


2 thoughts on “Those pesky jobs, where are they?

  1. Business does go in cycles, but I disagree that the jobs will come back if we wait long enough. There has to be favorable conditions for employers to employ people and this administration is dead set on creating a national ecomic enviroment that is just the opposite. Can liberals really be that ignorant of the history on what has worked and not worked over the last 200 years? I hardly believe that they are. I am more inclined to believe that they know exactly what they are doing and the liberals on top know that their treasure is secure and their sheeple constituents don’t know that without less restrictions, they will never have treasure of their own. I’ve never known of a rich conservative trying to “keep the man down”. They and those that believe like them truly are pursuing the American dream. Opposition for oppositions sake is foolish and dangerous.

  2. True I was only suggesting that letting failed companies fail would right itself in the in. How do we produce better managers if the only examples they have are failures continually proped up.

    I agree though that what is happening now is a plan or complete incompetence. I think these people are too smart for incompetence.

    But then again after watching the lastest around the world trip I could be wrong….

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