Army officer reprimanded..well he probably will be

Army MAJ Shawn Keller has a piece at Real Clear Politics that states pretty clear what many of us think.  “Why I’m Angry” Check it out.


One thought on “Army officer reprimanded..well he probably will be

  1. In our military dictatorship, I know we can’t write/say these things, but every day as I watch/listen to the news, I get more and more angry. Real anger, frustration bordering on having to control myself from saying/doing exactly what this Major has done. Our leadership at the CIC level on down is letting us in the military down. There is very little if any excuse for the decisions that are being made out of political expedience. I watched a father of a 9/11 victim speak on his dismay over the move of the Gitmo detainee trial being moved from tribunal to civilian court. This will have exponential fallout on so many different levels. I watch every day as this administration fails and pray for it to continue to fail so that we may never have to watch our country being dismantled again. It’s like watching the worst train wreck in history in slow motion. Fail miserably, so that we may rise again….

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