Halloween movies

My favorites

Dracula – original Bela lagosi

Frankenstein – original Boris Karlof

The Mummy – original and the updated one

Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein – I mean come on this is great stuff

Yes I like the old stuff.  The newer horror, not so much.

ANA Recruiting issues

Here you go Chuck, I just seen this.

There hasn’t been a single recruit in a month and a half. 

Update:  Wrong link.  Updated to correct link.

Recruits for the Afghan Public Protection Force are usually sent to Laghman to be trained by American Special Forces. “There hasn’t been a single recruit for more than a month and a half,” General Agha said. “More than a hundred people were rounded up and sent to the training centre, but the commander in charge told me they ran away. Iran opened the border [in the west] and they all thought it was better to go abroad.”

One Tribe at a time – Blackfive UJ

Another interesting post.  This concept is interesting although I don’t know if the higher ups would ever buy into.  From a SF Teams perspective it works but regualar army?  Something to think about.

There is an amazing paper out by a Special Forces officer MAJ Jim Gant about how to win in Afghanistan which Grim references in the post below. It comes from his team’s personal experiences and it is absolutely spot on. All of his ideas are well-grounded in reality and all of his strategic concepts reflect the best possible solutions to an incredibly difficult problem. I only wish there was a chance in hell they would be adopted. You can read his paper here and I highly recommend it.

Check out Uncle Jimbos post then the paper.