Glen Beck

It seems Glen has made himself a target. It’s not a surprise as he does seem to be getting results. In a short time he has organized the 9/12 project along with the tea parties and he’s laid the framework for the ACORN scandals and finally taken out a CZAR.

He’s taken hits from both the right and the left. “He’s crazy,” they say, “he just tells lies,” they scream, yet it seems the lies have not been from Glen but those that despise him. They are of course jealous. I mean in a short time he has better rating than 90% of them and sure as hell has done more to motivate people to get off their asses and do something.

I’ve been listening to Glen Beck for a while now. I found him on the radio years ago then Headline news and now fox. You have to remember that Glen Beck was first a comedian. So his approach is in that vein.

I think he’s doing “good” for the country exposing corruption so I’m a supporter.


3 thoughts on “Glen Beck

  1. Not going to get any complaints about Beck from me. Like you, found him on the radio, then HLN, and now Fox. Bought a book or two, caught the comedy act last year. DVR him every night and now my son is using Beck’s character in projects at school.

    I think things for him will get worse too. Now Mark Levin has painted a target on Beck’s back…for his remarks about McCain being worse than Obama. The sad thing is, in our current society and political space, no one listens, so I am not surprised by anything anyone has to say negatively about anyone.

    Anyway, I am a supporter of his too.



  2. I think he was either threatened or in over his head on the whole FEMA camp issue but I think for the most part, he is on it baby. The FEMA, quarantine, concentration camps in my opinion are ready for US citizens starting October 15. I hope I am wrong. His back flip on the subject did blow my mind. But I love Glenn Beck anyway.

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