No Governmental health care till we see some functioning agencies

Ok let’s talk about Government efficiency.  How many government agencies can you point to and say, “Wow they sure know what they’re doing”?  Waiting….
Yeah that’s what I thought.  See before I can buy into anymore government programs I want to see some agencies that are already working.

I’ve worked in the Government for many years now and I know first had the methodology is to spend everything you have then ask for more.  This isn’t because you need it but it’s because if you don’t you will get less next year while some department down the road will get what you didn’t use.  So to save and spend wisely isn’t productive.  There is absolutely no incentive to save or not spend your entire budget. 

The administration and democrats would have us all believe health care would be different?  How?  What in the bureaucracy would change?  Government spending went from out of control to insane.  Yet we would add more to the growing debt?  Is this sound?

A certain amount of deficit spending at times can be understood.  But we have gone well past that point.  That point is where the economy can still come back and pay the debt off.  With trillions of possible debt and an economy that is floundering is additional debt at this time smart. 

No, government regulators couldn’t handle the rules in the financial sector as it was what would possess us to think that whole (more) organizations of governmental workers would be better?  


You can insert any chart you like since they all look very much alike. 

“Hope and Change”  Whoo hoooo


11 thoughts on “No Governmental health care till we see some functioning agencies

  1. woooo hooo is not a word but an expression of excitement . You will not find woooo hooo in the dictionary. I use the term cool all of the time but as for the word bitchen well it is normally used by the older genre wile conversing with the younger genre cause they think its still a cool word. 🙂
    Lets us remind our selves of how obviously desperate for acceptance we appear to be wile speaking to the younger genre in our pre old stage in life .

  2. JB…I digress….But now that I think about it….I think she might have been saying..”Yippee kye Yeah”


  3. I guess if 20,000 folks die every year for lack of access to heathcare, then
    this is acceptable, perhaps we should draft these sick people into the armed services so they can at least have the VA!

  4. No don’t draft anyone and your numbers are based on what Hector? That doesn’t mean a government run healthcare system. Lots of people die from lots of things that doesn’t mean the government should be involved.

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