Why America is in trouble.

 SEATTLE —  A Seattle bank teller has lost his job because he ran down a would-be bank robber and held him until police arrived.

Jim Nicholson, who worked at a Key Bank branch, says he understands the bank’s policy that employees comply with robbery demands and avoid dangerous confrontations. But he tells The Seattle Times that his instincts took over when the man demanded money during the Tuesday incident.

Nicholson says he tried to grab the man, then chased him several blocks before knocking him down with help from a passer-by. The man turned out to be unarmed.

The 30-year-old Nicholson was fired Thursday. Key Bank officials declined to comment, but Seattle police and the FBI say they advise tellers against acting against robbers. Instead, police Sgt. Sean Whitcomb says, they should be good witnesses and comply with demands unless their personal safety is in jeopardy.

Aren’t we doing this backwards.  Shouldn’t this guy have been promoted for protecting the assets of the bank and the banks clients.  Hummmm


5 thoughts on “Why America is in trouble.

  1. I’d say so JB…. It’s like Jumping in the water to save a Beautiful Blonde with Large Breasts and a Butt from Heaven from Drowning and then she turns around and Sues you for Groping her….What’s with that???


  2. I feel for that guy. What must be going thru his mind. I Like the comparable 11th. Let me see someone hurting an animal or a person. They will wish they had not! I don’t care whose job it is to protect, humanity overrules! Oh , does that statement make me a terrorist?

  3. JB, it’s jacked up, but the bottom line is that the money is insured. The worker isn’t. The bank has basic “workman’s comp”, but not insured for an employee putting an end to a robbery in a sensible fashion.

    So, they have to fire him. Their insurance doesn’t support his actions…their insurance supports the actions of the robber.

    And just to give you a example…robber steals $100k, the money is not recovered in a X time…the bank gets the $100k back from the insurer. The same can not be said for the employee…

    I know this..because I work at a bank. Thankfully I don’t work at a branch so I don’t have to worry about saving my job instead of listening to my instincts…but I digress.

    You are right. But in order to get the insurance and keep everything the way they are (status quo), the bank has to fire the guy…he violated the policy.

    Sad really.


  4. Sad and wrong. There are bigger issues like encouraging criminals which causes other crimes to be commited until someone gets killed regardless of what they do.

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