Peggy Noonan = Sara Palin hater…

This is great.  Stuart Swartz lays into Peggy Noonan.  It’s perfect.


You’re Peggy Noonan and you’re jealous. You don’t understand it. Sure, maybe she has accomplished a few things (like the $26 billion dollar natural gas pipeline deal, restructuring Alaskan government, and taking an ice pick to corrupt politicians). But she has no style, no pizzazz — she just does stuff. But so do you — and you can’t understand why you don’t get the same adoration. After all, didn’t you go before the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission and not just protest, but elegantly protest — so said The New York Times — a 16-story tower a developer wanted to build in your ritzy Upper East Side Manhattan neighborhood? Sarah Palin wouldn’t have done that; she’s not brilliant enough to understand preservation. She probably would have looked at the jobs the construction would create and given it a déclassé "Hell yeah!"



One thought on “Peggy Noonan = Sara Palin hater…

  1. They think they are the aristocrats of the Republican party. “Born to Rule”.

    Sadly, they’re rather delusional. Peggy was always interested in a smooth male voice to tell her what she wanted to hear. Her major point against Bush was his lack of rhetorical skills. Reagan was what she wanted.

    And now, Obama is also adequate.

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