MC-6 and where I’ve been

This week was just loads of fun.  We are fielding the new MC-6 Parachute system.  This is the latest SPEC OPS troop parachute.  As a jumpmaster I along with others from our group were invited (ordered) to attend the new equipment training (NET) for this piece of equipment.  Unfortunately it turned into a Jumpmaster re-certification course.  What that meant was re-living the worst part of the Jumpmaster course the JMPI (Jumpmaster Personnel Inspection)  This is a pain in the A**.  It consist of a timed physical inspection of a fully rigged combat equipped jumper and a Hollywood jumper (for this NET). 

One of our favorite aspects of this training was the nomenclature test.  With names like “Universal Static line modified” and “Main lift web tuck tab assembly”, you can imagine how much fun calling these items out in a timed inspection can be.   

We finished up Saturday evening with all passing as far as I know. 

The instructors where good and frankly I felt for them.  They had to listen to a week of bit****g and critiques by experienced jumpmasters who went through their initial Jumpmaster training at different times and had different techniques.  But it was all without too much pain directed at the trainers.  Most of the anger was directed and the powers of Fort Benning. 

Now it’s over and I have a new sequence to keep in mind which will screw up my old sequence on the SF-10 parachute but that’s the way it goes. 

All in all it wasn’t that bad but did take me out of circulation for a week.



From the Armed Forces international web site:

In addition to the T-11, the Army is working on the Maneuverable Canopy 6, or MC-6, to replace the legacy MC-1 parachute series typically used by special operations soldiers. The MC-6 can be steered and has a lower rate of descent, lower opening shock and better turn and glide ratios than the MC-1 series parachute, according to PEO Soldier. This gives soldiers better maneuverability, greater canopy control, few injuries and less damage to canopies.

Its rate of descent, depending on the weight of the jumper and altitude, is 12.1 to 18.6 feet per second and allows for up to 400 pounds in weight, 40 pounds more than the MC-1. At 26 pounds, the MC-6 is 3 pounds lighter than the MC-1.

The MC-6 has a forward speed of 10 knots and can complete a 360-degree turn in five seconds. The main canopy of the MC-6 also will deploy, inflate and stabilize within 150 to 175 feet of altitude loss after activation.

The Army will need 16,000 MC-6 systems, and officials estimate fielding will be completed in 2012. Also in the works is the Advanced Ram Air Parachute System, a freefall parachute system that can be used for static-line jumps, Lemondes said. Work on ARAPS is expected to be complete in up to three years, he said, and developmental testing is scheduled for spring.


7 thoughts on “MC-6 and where I’ve been

  1. I once flew in a “perfectly good aircraft” that had to land early due to a freaking hole in the side. Didn’t have a chute with me then though. Flying out of A-stan can be exciting…

  2. Hi JB

    I had a good laugh and lots of memories coming to mind when I read your post. I was in the German army AB forces in the 80ties and early 90ties. I was a jump master myself, did the German course twice (86 and 92) since my license had expired in the mean time and I also did the US jump master course…back then in Böblingen with 1st Bat. 10th SFG.

    I am about to re-activate parachuting as a past time leisure and I am shopping around for a rig now. The MC-6 for sure looks attractive for and “old fart” like myself, especially the lower decent rate and the higher max load. Plus…it still looks like a parachute! I would not even consider buying a T-11 or one of those highly praised former East German chutes that look like a smurth’s hat! Anyway…

    Glück Ab


  3. Uwe, Glad you enjoyed it. Where were you stationed in GE? I jumped with a couple different German units back in the mid 90s. Me I’ve retired from the Military now and plan no more jumping, unless pushed or someone pays me very very well.

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