Obama checking out the girl?

I don’t think so and even if he was who cares?  There are bigger problems. 

We’ve seen the picture a young girls moves up the stairs past President Obama.  In the captured shot it appears he’s checking her out.  If you watch the whole scene though that’s not what I see.  He’s waiting for the other person to walk down beside him. 


6 thoughts on “Obama checking out the girl?

  1. I am sure GLAD I am not the President……Cause I still look at Butts…..See I’m a Leg and Butt Guy. Some guys are Breast Guys , which is fine with me too….And so IF the President is looking . I am sure it was ONLY in a Professional Manner… 🙂


  2. Say JB , Where are the other Three JB Loyals?????
    Ya just can’t find many Good Friends nowadays……
    I’m here for ya Cuz……..


  3. Here is a link to my Nam Photo’s in Case you are interested in seeing Teenagers back in the day doing what they do best….Fighting a War…

    the user name is 11thacr
    password thunderhorse


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