What’s Sarah Palin doing?

Sarah Palin has announced she will resign from the office of Governor of Alaska. The speculation is going wild. Frankly it’s kind of funny. She is someone that many claim is not relevant and a bit crazy yet is getting a lot of attention.

I don’t know why she resigned and neither do most others. So I don’t know if this is a good idea or not. I do know that the attacks on her are unprecedented. I do believe there are many in the political world the fear her, else the attacks would not be necessary.

Does she owe the state of Alaska her full term? Did Hillary Clinton owe the state of New York? Only those constituents can say.

She has continually answered the critics and the charges leveled against her only to face more and more. How depressing would that be?

Perhaps she’s just looking for a better way to fight. Either way, I hope she continues to be a force on the political scene.



4 thoughts on “What’s Sarah Palin doing?

  1. Whatever she’s doing, she sure has everyone talking about her. That’s quite an accomplishment for some one that people on both sides say is “unimportant.”

  2. She’s fighting on Facebook now.

    The Senate just withdrew the advisement panel concerning End of Life Counseling from the healthcare bill, after Palin and Barack got into a argument about it.

    Not on facebook, but that was part of the com chain.

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