David Letterman what happened?

I remember watching David Letterman when he was doing a daytime talk show.  He hadn’t gotten Late Night gig yet.  He was quirky and different.  Mostly he was funny.  After Johnny Carson left the scene the decision to watch either Jay Leno or David Letterman was not hard initially.  David was just more interesting for me. 

Over time however Jay Leno continue to be friendly and funny why David Letterman just became mean and spiteful.  His humor wasn’t funny, his quirkiness seemed to barely hide some underlying anger. 

Now he’s not worth ten minutes of channel surfing.  Forget the dumbass joke about Sara Palin and Daughter.  You don’t have to pick that one mistake out to see he’s just not in the game anymore. 

I haven’t watch David Letterman for many years now and looks like I won’t be again. 

Sure miss Johnny Carson though.


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