Army’s top lawyer pick worked for Fannie Mae

President Obama’s pick to be the Army’s top lawyer is facing potential opposition from senators for failing to disclose his ties to Fannie Mae.

Donald Remy, a former executive at the troubled mortgage giant, met behind closed doors on Wednesday in a follow-up session with Senate Armed Services Committee members, and according to a congressional official with knowledge of what was said in the room, “it did not go well.”

The meeting, requested by Sen. Mel Martinez, R-Fla, lasted for a little less than an hour and was meant to address Republican concerns that Remy did not divulge his work experience at Fannie Mae, FOX News has learned.

Given two opportunities, Remy failed to inform committee member that he was chief compliance officer. Instead, Remy, 42, described his tenure at Fannie Mae, which the government took over last year amid an accounting scandal, as a “major U.S. company.” He mentions, by name, other companies for which he has worked on his work history provided to the committee.

In a written response to Senate follow-up questions after his confirmation hearing in February, Remy called the omission a “mistake.”

Seriously, WTF?  Seems everyone is tied into each other in our little incestuous city of Washington DC.  How can things possible get better if we continue to hire the same people that put us in the financial mess we are in now? 


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