Hate continues. Holocaust museum shooting.

There are extremist on both sides of the political spectrum but they all have one thing in common.  Hate.  It’s an irrational hate for others.  The kind of hate that seems to blame others for the problems they themselves face. 

Today it appears an 88 year old white extremist walked into the Holocaust museum in Washington DC and took the life of a Security Guard.  Luckily the gunman was shot before he was able to do more damage. 

How does one get to the point that killing innocent people is ok?

How does that hate flow so strongly that rational thought seems to leave them.  James Van Brunn the gunman surely knew his acts wouldn’t change anything.  But he was a man filled with hate that apparently consumed him.

I’ve noticed already the media hyping the gunmans military service.  You know the service of over 60 years ago as if that has some bearing on this.   

This of course will be used by many to justify the hate filled rants on the left as they try to associate all non-progressives as right wing nutz.  But what they will do and are currently doing is fueling more hate.  Expect to see more of this in the future and the rhetoric is ratcheted higher in today’s highly partisan politics.

Aha with the economy in the tank, debt spending out of control and more government regulations in the works things don’t look good. 

However in reality the actually number of hate related incidents really isn’t that high compared to the population but still a concern. 


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