They’re out to get us. CIA V Dems

This would be funny as hell if it weren’t so damn serious.  I have no love for the CIA.  Look insiders purposely sabotages the Bush Administration with leaks.  But the Democrats who always scream for release of documents the might hurt their opponents now want a break.  Oh how they all claim to want transparency yet less and less is truly found. 

Democrats: They’re out to get us


10 thoughts on “They’re out to get us. CIA V Dems

  1. Hey 11th, I’m guessing JB’s already had one and you know how alchohol just releases the inhibitions….. Jb’s just calling em how a lot of us see it. I wouldn’t give Nancy Pelosi a hall pass, no less a pass on her conveniantly selective memory. I don’t recall anyone giving Cheney a pass on the rediculous Scooter Libby thing. It’s not sour grapes it’s just “transparency”.
    I would think any good progressive liberal would want that in our political process.

  2. 11th, you and I and JB will have to sit down and have a beer someday. It would give JB and I a whole other point of veiw to discuss. We waste too much good scotch agreeing with each other all the time.

  3. Chuck……Now you got my Attention…and by the way…I say we invite JB Senior too….He’s a kick in the head…..I hope we can accomplish that some day….


  4. The beer tab will probably cost me more than the Plane Ticket….Sounds like a Plan…


  5. Hey guys you’re finally discussing something that makes sense. Sounds like a good plan to me. Might even play a game or two of pool if stretch ever got the hang of the see ya.

  6. JBSR…..You have not changed…I’ll take you up on the Pool Game…..Can I bring my Own stick? It’s a Balabushka……….Used it a few times when I was playing in an 8 Ball Tournament in Vegas a few years ago. I was in a Sanctioned League about 5 years ago. Went to Vegas twice with the Guys. Had a Great time. They used Bar Room Size tables…Right down OUR Alley…


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