Real change and the other kind

Mia Farrow quit here fast today.  She was protesting the situation in Darfur.

“I didn’t know what else to do, the desperation of the situation,” she said. “I thought if I go on a hunger strike this is a time-honored way of drawing focus to the issue and shame to the perpetrators, I realize it is an extreme thing to do but worse things are happening to the people of Darfur. I felt compelled, I cannot just watch.”

So she thought a fast would do the trick?  Why would anyone care if a aging actress that hasn’t been a factor in anything I can recall goes on a fast? 

Some people in the world actually try to make changes and others, you know the type, they have sit ins and such, always claim some kind of moral highground.  Most of these people have never left the comfort of their Beverly Hills homes or their Manhatten apartments.  Those that do travel to the places they cry for do so with protection and are still insolated. 

But they think that somehow just their good thoughts or outrage will change dictators and tyrant.  Sorry folks it doesn’t work that way. 


3 thoughts on “Real change and the other kind

  1. Well, they so believe they are all that and more. Some dictator is going to go, “OMG!! Mia Farrow is on a hunger strike because of me! Poor dear! Cease all violence and tyranny against my people immediately. I have seen the light!”

    Makes me wonder what color the sky is in these people’s world?

  2. Her fasting was an expression of her heartfelt love and concern for the people. Her sacrifice may have helped them in ways that most GI Joes would not understand. Spiritualism goes hand in hand with sacrifice. LOVE LOVE 🙂

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