GI movies?

This kind of interesting. 

Production Company Gives GIs Opportunity to Make Films

And I am within retirement range.  HUMMM.

Although I think I’m made more for radio then movies….


Biggest BS story of the week

Kofi Annan: Climate Change Killing 300,000 People a Year

“Climate change is the greatest emerging humanitarian challenge of our time, causing suffering to hundreds of millions of people worldwide,” Mr. Annan said. “As this report shows, the first hit and worst affected are the world’s poorest groups, and yet they have done least to cause the problem.”

The report claims that 90 percent of the deaths are related to gradual environmental degradation caused by a warming climate, which exacerbates existing threats — mainly malnutrition, diarrhea and malaria. The rest are said to be the result of weather disasters.

I would ask for a Freaking break but I know there are none coming.  They just continue to push the agenda.

Territory Days and Memorial Day

Every memorial weekend Colorado Springs host “Territory Days”  It’s a pretty small event held in Old Colorado City just of highway 24 on the west side of Colorado Springs.  The main street is shut down for a couple of blocks.  There are gunfights, Bands and food.  It’s billed as having local arts and crafts but most of it is food and tends to be priced high for the three day event.  It does attract a crowd though and since there really aren’t that many events in Colorado Springs it seems to do pretty well. 

This year the weather was a challenge.  It rained everyday.  Today when we went the clouds were gearing up as we left the house.  Naturally we brought some jackets and umbrellas. It was pretty warm when we arrived. 

Brule_2008 I’m not a big fan of Territory Days mainly because it’s too crowded and the prices high but every year I’ve gone AIRO – Brule has been there.  This is a Native American band the mixes some interesting sounds.  I’ve liked them since the first Territory Days I attended. 

We watched a bit of the show then the rain started coming down and it was time to head back home. 

All in all it was nice.

Star Trek

I remember watching Star Trek reruns every night as a kid.  I was just born when the series first aired so I missed it the first go around.  The best part of Star Trek was the characters.  They grew on you.   I also liked the deep rich colors.  I knew watching a new Star Trek without Shatner and Nimoy would be tough.  I mean these guys made the characters.  Really is there anyone that can overact like Shatner?  When you go see something like this you have to just put it all aside and give the movie a chance on its own.

I went to the Saturday matinee and the place was packed.  I felt for the poor bastards that had to sit in the first few rows.  You know the ones where you star straight up and have to actually move your head to see the sides of the screen.  Oh well guess you should arrive a little earlier. 

So here’s what I thought. 

First the good parts: It’s pretty fast paced.  I mean much faster than any of the other Trek movies.  This really doesn’t give you a lot of time to nitpick the subtle changes from the original Star Trek.

The Enterprise looks good and very bright.  I liked that although I kind of missed the clunky old set.  But I liked that it wasn’t dark and moody like so many SCIFI films these days.  I mean would you build a ship you have to live on for 5 years dark and depressing?  Luckily all the Star Treks seemed to get this.

The stars did good jobs in their roles.  I don’t really have much more to say on that as none really stood out except maybe Scotty (Simon Pegg) who was pretty funny and Nero (Eric Bana).
Action was good, and effects were good.  Someone on another site complained about explosions in space and that you can’t hear them in a vacuum but honestly who cares.  I didn’t

The bad:  I really get tired of the over used time travel gimmick.  I would have preferred that not have been used and a real story of how thing evolved been told.  But not a big deal
I didn’t like how Kirk was made First Officer so easily.  Not likely to happen in any military organization.  I think a few years as an ensign would have made more sense.   I mean a CPT of a ship after one mission that he wasn’t supposed to be on?  Not likely.   Lots of skipping here.  Being in the military this is always hard to digest but oh well…

Overall I like the movie and will watch it again on DVD I’m sure.  It held my attention more than the Star Wars movies.  I don’t really know why though.



Shuttle Mission to work on the Hubbell

Here is something to look at as the space shuttle Atlantis prepares to take off on its mission to conduct maintenance on the Hubbell telescope.  This missions is considered risky. This is  due to space debris that could threaten the shuttle.  A second shuttle is on standby to conduct a rescue mission.  One would think we would have some upgraded shuttles by now.  I know some things have been improved but the design seems to be basically the same for over twenty years.  The program is scheduled to be retired in 2010.  Still it’s pretty exciting and taking risks is what makes the space program interesting.  Hopefully all will go well on this mission.


Here is a picture from the Hubbell that is pretty cool.  Called the Eye of God.

Real change and the other kind

Mia Farrow quit here fast today.  She was protesting the situation in Darfur.

“I didn’t know what else to do, the desperation of the situation,” she said. “I thought if I go on a hunger strike this is a time-honored way of drawing focus to the issue and shame to the perpetrators, I realize it is an extreme thing to do but worse things are happening to the people of Darfur. I felt compelled, I cannot just watch.”

So she thought a fast would do the trick?  Why would anyone care if a aging actress that hasn’t been a factor in anything I can recall goes on a fast? 

Some people in the world actually try to make changes and others, you know the type, they have sit ins and such, always claim some kind of moral highground.  Most of these people have never left the comfort of their Beverly Hills homes or their Manhatten apartments.  Those that do travel to the places they cry for do so with protection and are still insolated. 

But they think that somehow just their good thoughts or outrage will change dictators and tyrant.  Sorry folks it doesn’t work that way. 

Bill Whittle hammers Jon Stewert

I’ve followed Bill Whittle’s writing for years, now on PJTV Bill has a forum to showcase his ability to use logical, fact based analysis to highlight the idiotic ranting of less critical thinking individuals. In this link Bill explains how Jon’s calling of Harry Truman a war criminal for the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan is insulting to the millions that were saved by this including the Japanese.

Bill Whittle PJTV hammers Jon Stewert