Bailout firings losing support?

The news is that people don’t want the government to fire CEOs of large companies that took the bailout money.  You see I don’t think people have really changed their minds on firing these CEOs but they see a problem with Government trying to take over businesses.  Of course they should have thought of that prior to the 2008 elections if you ask me.  There is a fear that government will not stop at the companies taking the bailout funds but continue on to any company that doesn’t operate the way this administration wants.  It’s  a legitimate fear.  One that I have.  That doesn’t change the fact that if my money (taxpayer) is going to bail a company out ( I disagree with this whole idea anyway) than I want the leaders of that company fired.

For too long and for some unknown reason companies continue to offer unbelievable golden parachutes and bonuses to people that most often fail them.  I don’t understand it but the company and shareholders need to feel the pain also.  Too many corporate boards seem to think there is no one else for the position.  Well folks there is always someone else for the position.  In the mean time if I have to pay the company CEOs salary then I want a new one.


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