Korea fires missile. Is this a surprise?

This should come as no surprise to anyone.  Last week Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said we couldn’t do anything about it.  For all the bluster of the US and the European leaders none have the balls to actually do anything about Korea.  For many years many US administrations have threatened Korea with “serious actions” if they continued to pursue nuclear weapons and long range missiles.  This is all with little results. While we talk they continue to build. This is the normal pattern for the US and Europe in dealing with tyrants and the tyrants know it.

Secretary Gates said “I would say we’re not prepared to do anything about it” on fox news Sunday last week. If so how about we not threaten action when we have no ability to follow up and then look weak when we are ignored. It’s just a thought.

I’m not sure who came up with the idea of negotiating from weakness but we certainly have embraced this concept. It sure is working out lovely for us isn’t it?



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