Fly by- Specter- HHS vacancy



Many New Yorkers on Tuesday were asking what the Obama administration could have been thinking when it authorized an Air Force One backup plane to fly over the city for photos capturing the presidential plane with the Statue of Liberty in the background. (FOXNEWS)What were they thinking? 
Why they were thinking that this would continue the non-serious approach to running the country this administration seems to have.  Photo Ops are everything…


How’s that dealing with the Taliban working out for you?

Which is ok since he actually switched years ago.  Many on the left are claiming that the GOP is in trouble and that people are leaving in droves.  I would say some of this is correct but not for the reasons the Left would like.  Many are going Libertarian as they tire of both parties and see no difference in the parties elected officials.  You see, Specter feels he has a better shot at re-election as a Democrat. So much for values…

Cabinet officials not yet in place:

I noticed yesterday that White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stated:

 "I want to be very clear here: There is a team in place. Part of it is standing behind me, and part of it working as we speak to identify exactly what [Besser] and others have talked about," Gibbs said. "This notion that somehow that if there is not currently a secretary, that there is not the function that needs to take place to prepare for either this or any other situation is just simply not the case.
"I think it’s all hands on deck, and we’re doing fine."

So why do we need these positions then?  Just asking….


Only smart Democrat I ever read..ok might be few others but….

Be thankful we’re not getting all the government we’re paying for.
Will Rogers


Diplomacy is the art of saying ‘Nice doggie’ until you can find a rock.
Will Rogers


Our constitution protects aliens, drunks and U.S. Senators.
Will Rogers


This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer.
Will Rogers

JB’s rules for a better country

1.  Simplify the tax code – flat tax seems right to me.

2  Limit government and government spending.   We have all delt with the government in so many ways.  How often have you seen it run effecient?  Government is for security and infrastructure not social engineering.  Feel good programs need to be left to the public sector.  If the populace won’t support it then we don’t need it.

3.  No company is too big to fail.  Failure is how you learn I’m always hearing.  Well let’s let some of these companies learn a bit.

4.  Get the law out of my bedroom or house.  When we create too many laws, that won’t be read or known they are not for the public good.  Do you know how many laws you break daily?  Probably not but I bet you break a number of them.  This gives the government too much control. 

5.   If people want to hurt themselves let them,  makes more room for the rest of us.

6.  Education is not about money.  It’s about a curriculum that makes sense and standards to be upheld.  That doesn’t take lots of money.

7.  I don’t want social workers at school I want teachers.  Besides ever met a social worker that actually did any good?  I bet not many.

8.  Teachers should be of the highest caliber and paid for it.  But don’t hand out certificates without some knowledge and skills that can’t be tested.

9.  Last and one of the most important things.  Don’t be afraid to say what you believe, even if the world seems against you.  You’ll find a lot of others think the same way.  The activist have taken this country and normal citizens need to take it back.  Use that vote, that microphone and your purchasing power. 

Anyway my thoughts on this TAX  protest and Tea Party day.

The right message. Pirates 0 Navy 3 or 4 depending

Richard Phillips the Captain that gave himself up for his crew is free.  Three Somali pirates are dead and one is in captivity.  This is exactly how this situation should have ended.  The message must be clear, capture our citizens then you better prepare for the afterlife. 

As the pirates shot in the air, Phillips told his crew to lock themselves in a cabin and surrendered himself to safeguard his men, crew members said.  Phillips was then held hostage in an enclosed lifeboat that was closely watched by U.S. warships and a helicopter in an increasingly tense. 

I don’t think this Captain will have any trouble keeping or raising a crew for his ship. 


Damn, hurts me to give kudos to the Navy but well… Good job!

Bailout firings losing support?

The news is that people don’t want the government to fire CEOs of large companies that took the bailout money.  You see I don’t think people have really changed their minds on firing these CEOs but they see a problem with Government trying to take over businesses.  Of course they should have thought of that prior to the 2008 elections if you ask me.  There is a fear that government will not stop at the companies taking the bailout funds but continue on to any company that doesn’t operate the way this administration wants.  It’s  a legitimate fear.  One that I have.  That doesn’t change the fact that if my money (taxpayer) is going to bail a company out ( I disagree with this whole idea anyway) than I want the leaders of that company fired.

For too long and for some unknown reason companies continue to offer unbelievable golden parachutes and bonuses to people that most often fail them.  I don’t understand it but the company and shareholders need to feel the pain also.  Too many corporate boards seem to think there is no one else for the position.  Well folks there is always someone else for the position.  In the mean time if I have to pay the company CEOs salary then I want a new one.

Korea fires missile. Is this a surprise?

This should come as no surprise to anyone.  Last week Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said we couldn’t do anything about it.  For all the bluster of the US and the European leaders none have the balls to actually do anything about Korea.  For many years many US administrations have threatened Korea with “serious actions” if they continued to pursue nuclear weapons and long range missiles.  This is all with little results. While we talk they continue to build. This is the normal pattern for the US and Europe in dealing with tyrants and the tyrants know it.

Secretary Gates said “I would say we’re not prepared to do anything about it” on fox news Sunday last week. If so how about we not threaten action when we have no ability to follow up and then look weak when we are ignored. It’s just a thought.

I’m not sure who came up with the idea of negotiating from weakness but we certainly have embraced this concept. It sure is working out lovely for us isn’t it?


The world is upside down. Vets 0 Illegal’s 1 more


The House Appropriations Committee on Friday approved an amendment to a bill allowing colleges to decide whether to provide instate tuition to vets and their dependents. The bill now goes to the full House for debate.

Republicans say it’s unlikely colleges will voluntarily offer lower tuition rates because of the state’s fiscal crisis.

They also say they don’t understand how Democrats can claim a bill providing instate tuition for military families would cost the state $2 million a year, while a similar bill providing instate tuition for the children of illegal immigrants would actually generate money because more children would be going to college.

“There’s a huge disconnect to say that a bill by Democrats to provide instate tuition for those here illegally doesn’t cost a dime and my bill granting instate tuition to people who served our country would cost $2 million in lost state revenue. It should be the same for both groups,” said Rep. Frank McNulty, R-Highlands Ranch, who sponsored the bill.

A legislative financial analysis found there are 162 veterans who attend state universities and pay nonresident tuition. Analysts said granting lower tuition to them would cut revenue by nearly $2 million.

Analysts said the bill granting instate tuition to the children of illegal immigrants would bring in an estimated $661,000 from an estimated 50 students.

Let’s continue to build that constituencies shall we….

You just can’t get them…Ted Stevens

In a move first reported by NPR, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said he has decided to drop the case against Stevens rather than continue to defend the conviction in the face of persistent problems stemming from the actions of prosecutors.

“After careful review, I have concluded that certain information should have been provided to the defense for use at trial,” Holder said in a statement Wednesday. “In light of this conclusion, and in consideration of the totality of the circumstances of this particular case, I have determined that it is in the interest of justice to dismiss the indictment and not proceed with a new trial.”

You think if it were you or me they’d just drop the case?  Hummm 

GOP or DEM doesn’t matter the political class have it all figured out.  Don’t pay taxes, take  bribes,  pass pork, trips to the Bahamas hell they can’t lose..