Another Obama pick can’t pay taxes correctly

Kathleen Sebelius, President Obama’s nominee to become Health and Human Services secretary, said in a letter obtained by the Associated Press that she made “unintentional errors” on her taxes and has corrected her returns from three different years.

In the letter, which was sent to senators and dated today, Sebelius wrote that she had made changes related to charitable contributions, business expenses and the sale of a home, according to the AP.

Ok lets be fair here, perhaps the tax code is just too complicated for these people.  Maybe a flat tax would help them sort things out.  Just saying.


2 thoughts on “Another Obama pick can’t pay taxes correctly

  1. We haven’t heard of a SEX Scandal YET….Maybe it’s Tax Evasion from the Obama Group because it was all about the SEX in Bushes Group.
    Just Saying.
    Yo JB , I want to share a Pet Peeve with ya….What’s with all these Educated Dumba__es using the new phrase…”Going Forward” Didn’t that start with a Toyota Commercial? Sounds a Bit Upity to me…
    Kinda like when the Fonz would say “Ehhhhhh”


  2. humm I don’t know. I haven’t noticed that but will look for it. It really is all about cool buzz words anyway..

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