Stimulus? Humm


What a fine idea this is turning out to be…..


6 Responses to “Stimulus? Humm”

  1. 11th ACR Says:

    6803 as I Write this……..You are not going to comment on the DOW for just a one month period. Now come on JB , I know you are smarter than that , and besides a Government stimulus takes a while as we all know. Bring back this comment in six months. Hell it took the government 45 days to get me into Boot Camp after I got My Draft notice…


  2. CHUCK Says:

    11th, I know you’re JB’s cousin an all, but seriously, quit drinking the cool aid. In six months I’m afraid of what we will see and then YOU can comment on it.

  3. JB Says:

    Its and indicator of confindence. And it’s one heck of drop. We are not talking about a little slip. But I’ll be glad to continue to comment after a year also. 😉

  4. 11th ACR Says:

    OK , I confess , I like Cool Aid…


  5. JB Says:

    Thats because you load it down with booze. Which is an okie doke in my book.

  6. 11th ACR Says:

    Nothing like a Martini with a Splash Of Cool Aid…

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