Obama’s Iraqi withdrawal plan

The report of the plan

I can’t say I have any problems with this plan as stated.  There is a point where you’ve done all you can.  A lot of progress has been made and frankly the rest is up to the Iraqis.  There are good people there but of course they are in a struggle with many forces inside and outside of Iraq that don’t want progress. 

The next question is Afghanistan.  I’ve been to both Iraq and Afghanistan.  They are two very different places.  We can do well in Afghanistan.  We have done well there.  The turning point in Afghanistan was handing operations over to Conventional forces and then to NATO who didn’t know how to run it and didn’t have the desire.  They took up the bunker mentality and let the country fall into a mess.  We didn’t help as we took all of our attention off Afghanistan. We also watched as Pakistan fell further and further under the Taliban influence.


2 thoughts on “Obama’s Iraqi withdrawal plan

  1. I’m so concerned that Afghanistan will become a big CF – even sending in more troops. If our troops can’t do what they do best because their hands are tied by whatever NATO has in mind, I can’t see it being anything but a long drawn out mess.
    JB – what should be done? Do you think this CIC will make the right decisions? I don’t have much faith in him, truth be told.
    (yeah, my mil-mom worries are showing…)

  2. I don’t honestly know what the CIC is thinking right now. So far he’s been pretty cautious which is ok. I worry though since his budget plan has major defese cuts. Now we have lots of room for defense cuts if you ask me. The problem is that big BS weapons systems and IT upgrades that I doubt are needed will have big lobbiest working for them and the troops funding (Beans, bullets and vehicles) will suffer.

    When I left Afghanistan in 2003 it was pretty calm. But I watched the priority of conventional forces focus on traffics tickets on bagram air base instead of working with local village chiefs to secure the countryside.

    Our conventional leaders now have more experience from Iraq and hopefully will push an agenda that turns the focus on killling Taliban radicals and supporting local leaders. This will not fit neatly into a “democracy” program but Afghanistan is not going to be initially a democracy as we would eventually want it to be.

    Out expectations on the gevernment systems there must be realistic.

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