Here it comes folks. How to avoid what the people voted on…

Panel’s Democrats send repeal of spending cap to full senate

DENVER • Sen. John Morse sees Colorado’s economic recovery beginning with government throwing off the chains of an arbitrary budget cap.

The Colorado Springs Democrat is trying to repeal a 1991 law, known as Arveschoug-Bird, that restricts growth in state spending from year to year to 6 percent.

On Tuesday, he persuaded all four Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee to approve his plan, advancing it to a vote of the full Senate over the opposition of all three Republicans on the committee.

SB228, according to Morse, is designed to restore budgeting flexibility, so that lawmakers can reallocate funds from roads and capital construction, which aren’t under the spending cap, into other programs, such as education or health care, during economic downturns.

Once again they want us to trust them. 

The thing is a spending cap may limit you in a good year but saves your ass in a bad year.  But of course politicians never have understood that. 

Back in the day I used to know some people who roofed for a living (like nearly all of my family).  In the summer it was always good.  If you didn’t’ increase your spending too much you could put some money away.  Why would you do that?  Because in the winter everything slows down.  Your revenue stream doesn’t stay the same. 

You know basic F**********g budgeting people.


4 thoughts on “Here it comes folks. How to avoid what the people voted on…

  1. Your Dad and I Roofed together…..Hope the Ole Fart is doing Well…..
    I remember a day when he told me to get him a drink of water and of course I did just that. Except when I got back on the roof , instead of handing the water to him I threw it at him. He Grabbed me and Nailed my shirt to the roof. Yes I was in it. Ya see JB’s Dad is My Uncle. Boy did we get in trouble a lot….

  2. Doing fine stretch, hope you and yours are doing the same. We did have some times back then. About this country, I believe we the people have lost control of it. Most likely we won’t ever get it back. Hope I’m wrong.Take care enjoy the day. see ya

  3. JB SR. I think I could take ya in a Pool Match today…….Everyone is fine…Lots of Grand Kids. Just got another NEW one a couple of Months ago.

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