Politics and my world

I was never real big on writing too much about politics.  Oh I’d make a smart remark now and then and on rare occasions I’d write something more in depth.  There are days I’d like to comment more but to what end?  I don’t know if Americans have lost common sense or just don’t care anymore.  Are there really so many that believe that the government can spend us out of a recession?  Apparently there are.  Will a new welfare state really make things better?

Now, I’m not against a social net.  But I don’t believe people that have taken risks and made bad decision should live as well as those that played their hands a bit more conservatively and paid their bills.  Its as simple as that. 

I’m always hearing those on the left talk about fair.  How it’s not fair for this group or that.  The fact is fair doesn’t mean equal and these people don’t understand that.  It’s fair to have an opportunity but that doesn’t mean the results of that opportunity will be equal. 

Right now my faith in this country is fading.  We have let politicians of both parties ruin us.  We have continued to vote in tax cheats, liars, and people with no real world experience then wonder why we have such problems in America.  We have a political class that doesn’t have our interest at heart yet we can’t seem to get rid of them.  Everyone is bought off. 

My last hope?  We have a military full of young people that didn’t have to be here yet showed up to the fight.  They stepped up to the plate once but will they leave the military and step up once more?  I’m not talking about the Colonels or Generals but rather the Captains, Majors and Staff Sergeants that performed while others talked over PowerPoint slides someone else wrote for them. 

Anyway just some thoughts while listening to the ever more irritating news.   


4 thoughts on “Politics and my world

  1. This subject is just to depressing and anything said about it would not be anything positive. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I would give up on this Country but the politics as usual sucks.

    I’m just trying to Nurture your Blog a bit…:)

  2. The real problem is the people who need to be in political office will never run and that just sucks, but I would suppose that has always been the case. With the execption of Washington.

  3. I have all the credentials to run. I wonder how many would back me?
    I would go for the Senate or at least the Senator’s Bar and Grill on fourth street in Washington.


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