Writing what people really want.

So as I look back through my postings I notice a trend.  Can you tell which posting get the most comments?  hummm..  Well not as many women commenting but still… Just saying…


4 thoughts on “Writing what people really want.

  1. JB , it really isn’t a trend but the way Men and Women look at the Words Written… For example , Men tend to Comment on words like , Breast , Titillating , and my favorite , her legs go all the way to her Butt…..
    Women on the other hand seem to always comment on words like , Nurture , and Nurture and well , you know what I mean.


  2. I don’t know, I think most women respond to words like stiff, dense, hard and lets not forget sweetheart which is a unisex word. Funny thing is, the first three are masculine words. Most men respond to soft, smooth and silky which are feminine words. Nurturing is what a woman does instinctively and what a man desires to do .

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