Selma Hayek breast feeds African baby on trip


Light posting of the week….

I know. Any comments I might have on this will get me in trouble with multiple groups. 

Salma Hayek was so taken aback by the plight of an African woman in Sierra Leone who was unable to breastfeed her child that the star breastfed the newborn herself.

I hope this kid knows how many people dream of such and event….


8 Responses to “Selma Hayek breast feeds African baby on trip”

  1. 11th ACR Says:

    Dream is an Understatement…..

  2. Cop the Truth Says:

    My mom hasn’t breastfed me in years. Maybe….

  3. TBone (aka Tony) Says:

    This is one of those stories that is both titillating and disturbing at the same time…why is it that those things are the most entertaining? Jeesh.

  4. JB Says:

    Titillating huh? Interesting choice of words. What has my blog come to?????? lol

  5. NOTR Says:

    I’m gonna write the Prez right now and ask him what Selma Hayek can do for me!

  6. 11th ACR Says:

    NOTR , is she part of the STIMULUS Package???

  7. JB Says:

    Finally money well spent…

  8. Cop the Truth Says:

    11th, that “stimulus package” lasted about 45 seconds lol

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