Book recommendation : Thomas Sowell Basic Economics

If you want to understand how economics work Basic Economics is easy to read and understand and well worth the money.  It will however make you even angrier at the current stimulus boondoggle. 

A Common Sense Guide to the Economy


2 thoughts on “Book recommendation : Thomas Sowell Basic Economics

  1. I just got done reading “The Sling and the Stone” by Marine Corps Col. Hammes.

    It was a very good read about 4th generaton warfare. Good stuff.

  2. That’s funny I just pulled this one off the shelf to re-read parts of it in light of the stimulus. I believe his follow up to this is “Applied Economics: Thinking Beyond Stage One” which I haven’t read yet. Another book that’s been making a revival lately is Joseph Schumpeter’s “Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy” about capitalism bringing about it’s own demise. It’s in the queue.

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