Gran Torino – Eastwoods’ exit

Gran Torino is as expected a great movie.  I really don’t know if Clint Eastwood has put out a bad movie in a long time.  As one of my co-workers said this movie was like John Wayne’s’ “the Shootist”.  It would seem to be his swansong.  A fitting movie if he decides to call it quits.  

Clint is Walt Kowalski a Korean war vet who’s wife has just died.  He finds little in common with his sons and his general attitude is pretty bad.  In his heart he’s not a bad guy and behind the gruffness is someone who believes in the values of times gone by.  He’s the uncle all of us have somewhere. 

He befriends his neighbors who are Hmongs.  Not a likely friendship, but after he catches the young son Theo trying to steal his beautiful Gran Torino the family make Theo work for Walt to work off the debt of shame.  Walt over time come to like the kid and the kid grows to respect him. 

I won’t go more into the movies as you need to experience to appreciate the story and the ending.  It’s not what most people expect.

I personally think the Oscars committee missed it on this one.  This should have been nominated and from the other movies nominated should have one. 

Five stars in my book.  Granted I’m just a die hard Eastwood fan.

Gran Torino


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