Stimulus, Rush, Bill Gertz

Stimulus package:

Look, I was against the first one. You know the one that hasn’t opened up credit lines, the one that hasn’t saved homes, the one that paid for CEOs bonuses. So nope, I don’t support the latest stimulus bill. Folks when will we learn, as Reagan once said, “…government is the problem..”.

This bill is 647 pages that should be an indicator for us all that it’s full of garbage. Much like the tax code it’s full of loop holes and hand outs. Not a package to fix anything or save anything. Do we really want more government jobs? I mean the government isn’t exactly the most efficient way to operate.
Obama V Rush:
Obama says you can’t listen to Rush Limbaugh and get anything done or something like that. Rush has got to be the happiest guy around. I mean what great advertisement. Was this a smart move by Obama? Hummm

Daschle and taxes:With America’s attention fixated on who will step into the Oval Office in 2009, no one has noticed where the real power has shifted—to a vast network of unelected officials whose authority has grown wildly out of control. In his latest blockbuster book, acclaimed defense and national security reporter Bill Gertz exposes these astonishingly powerful leaders and their enablers in the political class—and their devastating impact on America’s national security.

Well there is nothing new here. Look our current crop of politicians are just plain embarrassing. We have Barney “fannie mae” Franks, Chirs “hook me up brother” Dodd and many others. Just plain ass crooks folks yet they keep getting elected.

Reading – “The Failure Factory” by Bill Gertz:

Product Description
The U.S. government is in crisis.

Gertz shows how entrenched liberal activists have become dominant even under an ostensibly conservative administration. And he names names of those who actively subvert official U.S. policy—including not only liberal Democrats but also a number of so-called Republicans who have joined this insidious “Blame America First” crowd.

The Failure Factory reveals:

• The shocking, previously untold story of the partisan bureaucrats who completely undercut the U.S. position on Iran’s radical Islamist regime
• Barack Obama’s disastrous national security policies—and his stable of advisers who have already put America at risk
• The recent showdown in the Pentagon that laid bare the U.S. government’s ongoing failures to tackle the threat of Islamist extremism
• Flagrant cases of sabotage by top State Department officials that have emboldened dangerous states like Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Communist China
• Stunning new intelligence failures—including one that may have allowed a terrorist group to penetrate the FBI and CIA
• How even the Bush White House was overrun with Democrats and liberal Republicans
• The legions of “Clinton generals”—top military brass whose careers blossomed during the Clinton administration—who make the United States more vulnerable
• How Democrats are exploiting the antiwar movement for political gain, with little regard for the potentially devastating consequences
• How the defense secretary’s public defiance of official U.S. policy could have gotten him fired—but instead went unchallenged
Based on scores of exclusive interviews and displaying the groundbreaking reporting that has made Bill Gertz’s previous books smash bestsellers, The Failure Factory offers a chilling look at the threats to our national security that exist within our own government.

So far it’s just confirmed for me that the bureaucracy in Washington is killing us. Long time career government workers simply ignore policies they don’t wish to implement.


2 thoughts on “Stimulus, Rush, Bill Gertz

  1. People in DC have no interest in fixing the problems of this nation because it don’t impact them. That is what local government is for and why state’s rights vs federal rights became a critical issue to resolve.

    People in DC also voted for Obama 97+%, so I’m sure they are looking for some kickbacks and their share of the loot, too.

  2. This is a long held plan started in the 1920’s and furthered by the “School Of The Saul Alinskys”. The government and all it’s branches are heavily staffed with “Modern Progressives” who are basically those who subscribe to the tenets of socialism. Their main goal is to destroy the Republic that is this country and turn it into a Socialist State.
    And few know of their history or their agenda. Because of the liberal/progressive teaching going on in the public schools, there is a generation (or two) of Americans who have no clue why Socialism is NOT a good thing. They are fed the pablum of the masses and have no idea why this country was founded or what it stands for. All they know is that America is bad.
    Now they have the perfect community organizer puppet sitting in the Oval Office. This should scare the bejeezus out of every freedom loving American.
    Look up the Congressional Progressive Caucus for starters.
    Adding Bill Gertz’s book to my list!!

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