Out of town and back

Didn’t have any time this week to write anything so I’ll take this weekend and look around the news to see what worth commenting on. I know the stimulus / pork / debt bill in the news. So maybe a comment that later in the day.


Special Forces Mission Success

I’m going to be part of a briefing discussing the successes of our team in Iraq.  The most important part of my brief is not a body count, or a prisoner count but the use of all assets to form a larger strategy for our area. 

It’s easy to “hit” targets.  It’s easy to arrest or detain lots of people.  The hard part is to “hit” the right targets and change the situation on the ground. 

Kinetic operations can destroy the enemy.  Sometimes that’s the best and most efficient way to fight a war.  But sometimes it’s not that simple.  Sometimes there is no enemy army to fight, instead there are multiple groups of people taking advantage of a situation for personal gain. 

In this situation “killing them all, and letting god sort them out” doesn’t work well.  In fact it doesn’t work at all.  These groups in some way support the local populace.  Winning this kind of war involves removing a bad support system and replacing it with one of good.

Popular support is often based on survival.  Who they support is more about who will ensure their own survival. 

That is why foreign policy cannot continue to be so uncertain.  Sometimes you must live up to your promises.

An interesting fact is that SF teams are both the most conservative units in the military and also the most liberal in their ideas and approaches.  It’s hard to explain this.  Maybe they’re really more Libertarians. 


Paul Blart Mall Cop

I went Monday to see Paul Blart Mall Cop with Keven James. This was family event and everyone enjoyed the film. Keven James is Paul Blart and plays the part of a somewhat loser mall cop who didn’t make the police academy due to hypoglycemia.

When his mall is taken over by thieves Paul Blart must thwart the bad guys and win the girl. It’s a simple story but funny and great for all ages.

My son is 6 and liked it so that’s a thumbs up from us.

Cigar bar in Colorado Springs

So it’s Saturday night and drill was winding down for some of us.  We needed a dinner and a drink.  I had found one of only two Cigar Bars in Colorado Springs and asked a couple of the guys if they’d like to try it out.

The Bar is located in an alley downtown.  If you didn’t know the place was there you’d miss it.  There is no sign outside, only a small blue light next to the door.  On the door are the letters 15C.  15C is the name of the place.  We went in to find a small but comfortable bar with a cigar humidor in the corner.  The décor was dark and warm.  We sat at a tall table and looked around.  The far wall was filled with books and below the shelving were a couple of couches.  We wished we’d gotten there early enough to sit in that spot but our small table was fine.  It was a little tight but not uncomfortable.

We ordered.  I had a vodka martini while my friends went for the scotch.  We then ordered our cigars.  They had some form of ACID (brand) while I had the Macanudo Maduro (Hyde Park).  All were very good.  The burn time was somewhere around 45 minutes to an hour.

Thankfully the ventilation system seemed to be very good and I never felt surrounded at all by smoke.

The crowd was pretty diverse and the overall atmosphere was nice.  The prices were high enough that I won’t be going here often but I will make it a stop every now and then.

Long week at work

It’s been too long between post I know but in my defense it was a long week at work.  I didn’t have much time to watch the news.  But I did get the chance Saturday nice to check out a resturant here and a Cigar Bar.  I will write more about them later tonight I hope.  Today I’ll be heading to the movies with the family.  Looks like it’s Paul Blart Mall Cop.  It should be fun. 

Soon I’ll be talking about the inaguration and other topics in the news.  So, till then hang in there.

British Press suck ass

Ok Prince Harry is in trouble again.  Check out the video.  If this is the worst they got on him they shouldn’t even print it up. Now people are talking about official inquiries.  Harry should just tell them all including the British military if they follow through with their threats to kiss his a** and go back to the Windsor castle has just spend their damn money.

The British as a nation seem to have turned into whining little scared B****es.  Their press more so.

Fact is Harry is probably one of the last real men in the monachy as it is.

It all sounded like f**king around that most soldiers do in down time.

Least on the surface or until something more significant comes out that’s what I think.

Micky Rourke on a roll

Micky Rourke is on a roll.  His newest film is critically acclaimed and in a recent interview states,

“I don’t give a f**k who’s in office, Bush or whoever, there is no simple solution to this problem… I’m not one of those who blames Bush for everything. This s**t between Christians and Muslims goes back to the Crusades, doesn’t it.

“It’s too easy to blame everything on one guy. These are unpredictable, dangerous times, and I don’t think that anyone really knows quite what to do.”

He’s gone up a couple notches in my book.

CIA, Israel and Beer

CIA director:

Is and outsider a good choice for CIA director?  Leon Panetta seems to be the pick for the next CIA director.  Some have claimed he doesn’t have the experience in the intelligence arena for the job.  But what have we seen from those “experienced” directors of the past.

I don’t like Leon because he’s on the political left and I don’t trust their instincts in foreign affairs.  Leon was Bill Clintons’ Chief of Staff and we know how well Bill did in foreign affairs.

But experience is not the issue here.

Israel continues:

With calls for ceasefires from the UN and many other nations Israel continues the assault.  Good for them.  Hamas needs to be destroyed.

Two beers please:

General Odierno will allow two beers while watching the super bowl this year in Iraq.  This is good news.  Not because two beers is a big deal but because the rule of no alcohol consumption in theater is silly anyway.  It only creates a climate where soldiers sneak it in and the average Joe knows (or suspects) officers have their stash anyway.  It’s funny to me how readily available it is in these places anyway.