Tom Jones is from a different era

tomjones1Tom Jones comes from a time when there seemed to be a lot more style and real “cool”.  An era of Dean Martin, Frank Sanatra and a Las Vegas that we’ll never see again.  In this article in “The Week”, Tom has some things to say about drinking.  I like his thoughts.

You have to read the last two sentences.  They are the best.


5 thoughts on “Tom Jones is from a different era

  1. What’s up pussy cat? 🙂 I love this man . He is not exactly handsome but does have sex appeal.
    I suppose you could say that you drink with fines because you don’t fall all over the place because you drink until you cant ( seven letter word )stand up. That’s one way to handle it.

    Watching him sing (Wrap it up ) is implanted in my brain forever.
    Love it Love it

  2. Brilliant! But then he’s a Welshman (I wonder if he could be a cousin quite removed?)
    “Cool” certainly has changed quite a bit over the 5 decades of my life. I just can’t get that whole pants crotch at the knees things…

  3. I don’t think I can look at him the same with that crotch to the knees comment. I will just stick with my image of tight black leather pants and chest hair from 12 to 16 years ago.

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