Israel hits Hamas, but how hard and how long?

After continued rocket attacks by Hamas and Palestinians, Israel has hit back. Targeting Hamas security compounds Israel initial attacks have killed over 200 with at least that number wounded. Israel says this in just the beginning of the operation.

Hamas has been sending rockets into Israel since… well hell when haven’t they been rocketing Israel. With the latest ceasefire that was all but ignored by Hamas, the terrorist organization resumed the attacks in greater numbers. What I wonder is what did they expect to happen? I really don’t know if these people have a clue or are just so hate filled they can’t see their own destruction.

During all the rockets that fell during the ceasefire Israel held fast and didn’t overreact. But it seems this time they had had enough. I personally don’t expect much since Israel has done this before. Israel has sent troops before with no real commitment to destroy those that would destroy them. But one can hope.

The world had responded predictably, with condemnations from the UN and Arab states.  The US still trying to support Israel yet not support Israel has condemned Hamas yet ask for restraint from Israel and to limit casualties. That’s not the answer. Make the casualties so high it not worth it to ever attack Israel again.

Yeah I don’t think they’ll ever make me Secretary of State.

We will hear about all the innocents that Israel will hurt, all the women and children, all the old men just drinking their tea. At what point I wonder do those standing by while their neighbors, husbands and leaders attack a nation share mutual responsibility. While children may be innocent they may be the only ones and in the environment they are being raised that won’t last long.

Fighting has destroyed and continues to destroy the Palestinians. Yet they have bought into the idea that they must fight Israel regardless of the consequences to themselves. If anyone is to blame it’s the Palestinian leaders that have fueled this self destruction. Will they pay? Probably not.


3 thoughts on “Israel hits Hamas, but how hard and how long?

  1. Yes, the children are innocent. And that makes the responsibility laid upon the shoulders of the fathers, mothers, and leaders all the worse. They are KNOWING endangering their children and their community by either directly or indirectly supporting Hamas.

    I live in SW Louisiana. We have hurricanes. We have had 2 bad ones in the last 3 years, and people have had enough and are moving out of the area. Hard working people who love the land and love the area are leaving so they can provide a safe place and a living unmolested by mother nature are leaving to seek shelter and a better place for their families.

    To stay living in a community, in a place such as Gaza or the West Bank, knowing that the entire reason you are living their is because you hate someone else. Knowing supporting a terrorist organization who’s goals have nothing to do with land but the destruction of a people, that is nothing but a level of lunacy that will never be negotiated with and can only destroyed.

    I feel sorry for the children, but every other Palestinian (and use the term loosely considering that they didn’t exist before 1949) deserve these reprisals and I hope Israel and the IDF finally put the out of the world’s misery.


  2. Israel continues to back down and Hamas continues to get stronger. They are making millions from illegal activity in the U.S. like cigarette smuggling, ID theft, robbery, drug sales, etc. and that money goes right back to Hamas, which uses it for guns and weapons. The longer the Israelis wait to really end this thing, the bloodier it will be.

  3. The longer the Israelis wait to really end this thing, the bloodier it will be.

    But if Olmert and Company gets elected because of it, then that should be enough for Olmert.

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