Time to leave Iraq

Ok it’s time.  Not because everything is done but rules are now not in our favor.  I suspect lots of legal issues and commanders just saying “screw it stay on the FOB”..

Iraq House Raid? Not Without a Warrant

Associated Press

MAHMOUDIYA, Iraq – U.S. Soldiers preparing for raids study maps, examine photos of wanted men and check their weapons. Starting next month, they’ll have to go see a judge.

U.S. troops are scrambling to learn the ins and outs of an Iraqi legal system with unfamiliar rules and procedures, a cumbersome bureaucracy and a shortage of judges after years of violence.


3 thoughts on “Time to leave Iraq

  1. Dear god! I agree before some 18 yr old kicks the wrong door or shoots a guy with a gun who he does not have a picture for.

  2. That’s going to improve security. Unfortunately, it is one of those costs to “democracy”. Iraq is just going to have to sacrifice a few more bodies for the “rule of law” the way America already has. Downpayment and all that.

    Assuming you don’t go bankrupt before you make all the payments, of course.

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