The Walsh family and Adams killer


I don’t honestly know how John and his wife handled the death of their son.  They are extraordinary people.  I know myself well enough to know I wouldn’t handle such and incident nearly as well. I can’t imagine something like that happening to my family without lots of bodies afterward.  I doubt I’d care much if those particular bodies where the particular one or not.

John on the other hand was able to turn this horrible event into something good, something that has helped others.

I cringe when I read about the abuse of children.  I don’t understand it or want to.

I’ve said before some people in this world just need killing.


5 thoughts on “The Walsh family and Adams killer

  1. I worked a case with Walsh once and found him to be a very classy guy. You definitely don’t want him after you. Glad that he is finally able to put it to rest and hopefully find peace.

  2. No pretensions about it, you are a barbarian. In our hyper civilized times, the proportion in population goes down, but the demand for that particular skillset will always be present in one form or another.

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