Tom Jones is from a different era

tomjones1Tom Jones comes from a time when there seemed to be a lot more style and real “cool”.  An era of Dean Martin, Frank Sanatra and a Las Vegas that we’ll never see again.  In this article in “The Week”, Tom has some things to say about drinking.  I like his thoughts.

You have to read the last two sentences.  They are the best.


Raiders go out with a win

Ok this has been a rough season for the Raiders.  They did however go out this season with two consecutive wins.  Of course a record of 5 – 11 isn’t exactly stellar.  But they do seem to be improving.  So there is always next year.  The highlight of this season was the last win over the Denver Broncos.  I mean living in Bronco country it’s very sweet anytime they beat on the horsies.


Israel hits Hamas, but how hard and how long?

After continued rocket attacks by Hamas and Palestinians, Israel has hit back. Targeting Hamas security compounds Israel initial attacks have killed over 200 with at least that number wounded. Israel says this in just the beginning of the operation.

Hamas has been sending rockets into Israel since… well hell when haven’t they been rocketing Israel. With the latest ceasefire that was all but ignored by Hamas, the terrorist organization resumed the attacks in greater numbers. What I wonder is what did they expect to happen? I really don’t know if these people have a clue or are just so hate filled they can’t see their own destruction.

During all the rockets that fell during the ceasefire Israel held fast and didn’t overreact. But it seems this time they had had enough. I personally don’t expect much since Israel has done this before. Israel has sent troops before with no real commitment to destroy those that would destroy them. But one can hope.

The world had responded predictably, with condemnations from the UN and Arab states.  The US still trying to support Israel yet not support Israel has condemned Hamas yet ask for restraint from Israel and to limit casualties. That’s not the answer. Make the casualties so high it not worth it to ever attack Israel again.

Yeah I don’t think they’ll ever make me Secretary of State.

We will hear about all the innocents that Israel will hurt, all the women and children, all the old men just drinking their tea. At what point I wonder do those standing by while their neighbors, husbands and leaders attack a nation share mutual responsibility. While children may be innocent they may be the only ones and in the environment they are being raised that won’t last long.

Fighting has destroyed and continues to destroy the Palestinians. Yet they have bought into the idea that they must fight Israel regardless of the consequences to themselves. If anyone is to blame it’s the Palestinian leaders that have fueled this self destruction. Will they pay? Probably not.

Thomas Sowell spells it out in plain terms

Another great depression

the unemployment rate at 5 percent in November 1929, a month after the stock market crash. It hit 9 percent in December– but then began a generally downward trend, subsiding to 6.3 percent in June 1930.

That was when the Smoot-Hawley tariffs were passed, against the advice of economists across the country, who warned of dire consequences.

Five months after the Smoot-Hawley tariffs, the unemployment rate hit double digits for the first time in the 1930s.

This was more than a year after the stock market crash. Moreover, the unemployment rate rose to even higher levels under both Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt, both of whom intervened in the economy on an unprecedented scale.

Before the Great Depression, it was not considered to be the business of the federal government to try to get the economy out of a depression. But the Smoot-Hawley tariff– designed to save American jobs by restricting imports– was one of Hoover’s interventions, followed by even bigger interventions by FDR.

In other words, the evidence suggests that it was not the “problem” of the financial crisis in 1929 that caused massive unemployment but politicians’ attempted “solutions.” Is that the history that we seem to be ready to repeat?…

Read it all.  Sowell has always had a way of breaking down myths and putting facts on the table.  You can decide for yourself if government involvement in the economy is a good thing.  I know what I think.

What did we expect in the bailout?

Congress Moves to Crack Down on Bailout Recipients

Lawmakers turn up the heat on banks that received money from the Treasury Department’s $700 billion rescue fund.

WASHINGTON — Lawmakers are turning up the heat on banks that have received money from the Treasury Department’s $700 billion rescue fund after the Associated Press reported that they wouldn’t say how they are using the money.

This should get interesting if actually followed.

How much resolution do we need?

You know I’d love a large flat screen TV but I have to admit the touting of higher resolution doesn’t justify the price yet.  I mean hell I’m only watching TV and the occasional movie.  Really, how good does the resolution have to be?  I have a 36 in TV now.  It’s not digital, it’s not flat and it’s not High Def.  But you know what?  It got a great picture.  Why would I need more?

I wonder this because I see so many people spending anywhere from $800 to $3000 dollars on a TV.  Could you imagine anyone twenty years ago considering paying that much for a TV?  I can’t. If they did it covered the entire room (11th ACR).

I really only want a Flat screen because it saves space.  So I’ll be waiting till they are a bit cheaper.  Beside I can buy a lot of tools and guitar strings for the same amount of money.

The newest thing is the Blue Ray Disc.  Really this is all just marketing for those people that just have to have the next best thing.   Yes I still have a VCR.

Now what I really need is a damn turntable for my records sitting in my garage.  I can’t wait to play that KC and the Sunshine Band album again.  😉

Note: this is not to critisize everyone with a Plazma or LCDTV.  I’m just saying that I haven’t hit that decision point yet.  Of course what I’ve spent in laptops and desktops would buy me a couple now.  lol

Time to leave Iraq

Ok it’s time.  Not because everything is done but rules are now not in our favor.  I suspect lots of legal issues and commanders just saying “screw it stay on the FOB”..

Iraq House Raid? Not Without a Warrant

Associated Press

MAHMOUDIYA, Iraq – U.S. Soldiers preparing for raids study maps, examine photos of wanted men and check their weapons. Starting next month, they’ll have to go see a judge.

U.S. troops are scrambling to learn the ins and outs of an Iraqi legal system with unfamiliar rules and procedures, a cumbersome bureaucracy and a shortage of judges after years of violence.

Pointy Toe Shoes

Melissa Clouthier has a pretty spot on post of pointy toe shoes.

Have men become a group of effeminate elves? The shoes curl up at the point. It’s embarrassing for women to wear those sorts of shoes. On men, it takes 50 million years of mammalian evolution to suppress the primal urge to laugh and point.

How accurate is that?  LMAO.  That’s why I wear boots.  Granted the toes are a bit pointy also but they are not effeminate sissy shoes….