Im with you Uncle Jimbo on Obama

This is a comment I left at Blackfive and Uncle Jimbos post” Good Luck to President Obama”.

Jimbo, I gotta go with you on this. Obama is my President, not the one I wanted but the one the people of the United States voted for. While I may question some of those votes the fact remains until Obama does something against the law or the constitution I will support him as President.

It does not mean I must support all ideas, policies or direction he may lead this country. But we that lean right are not the same people stand in the streets insulting old women and young military members or anyone else for that matter.

We must learn to promote an agenda that is more in line with the founding fathers but not at the expensive of civility and decency.

I hope Obama leads from common sense and not from those the fought so hard to get him elected.

If he does he will gain more than my support but my respect. This country must be better than the sum of the far left.


One thought on “Im with you Uncle Jimbo on Obama

  1. To wish any President ill is to wish America ill…. I will not act like the left, as I love my country far too much. I did not vote for Obama and he has a ways to go to get my respect, but I wish him well.

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