Quantum of Solace. Jame Bond is action

With Mondays off I often get a chance to see matinee movies. Today was Quantum of Solace, the newest James Bond film. About six months ago I re-read Casino Royal, not the film version but Ian Flemming’s original novel. It reminded me why I like the newest version of Bond. In the novels as in this film Bond is a hard ass. Daniel Craig pulls that off well.

In this sequel Bond is after those that killed Vesper his love interest in Casino Royal. In the process he learns of a group that appears to have infiltrated nearly every government including the British Secret Service. The film would have been better had a little more effort went into the dialog. We know Bond is angry but we never feel he’s really out of control as his controllers seem to think. That should have been developed a little more.

It is however an action film more than anything else and in that realm it delivers. Action is how this film begins and ends with few breaks in between.

The only real downside was how America and the CIA were portrayed. Once again we see the US as willing to install any dictator as long as we get something out of the deal and yet the British in General are seen as the saviors. Hey Bond is British Secret Service so I just ignored that part.

All in all though it was enjoyable and that’s really what I’m looking for in a movie.


5 thoughts on “Quantum of Solace. Jame Bond is action

  1. His name is B…JB. Hmmm come to think of it, I have never seen Bond and JB in the same place at the same time….

  2. Of course republicans watch Bond. Hell that’s our release. We all know that SPECTOR is really a socialist community organizing organization.

    In this particular case I can only assume The Quantum is a precurser to SPECTOR.

    Brad, of course you haven’t seem Bond and JB together, I actually have to pay for my own martinis and never get the girl. (&(**(&*(&(*&

  3. I’ve never seen JB and Bond at the same time…
    But I have seen him with Spiderman and Superman……..
    and Maybe….Wonder Woman……


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